• Ben Maroco

Carver Golf Balls

Source: Carver Golf

Product Specifications

  • Color: 1(White)

  • Construction: 3-piece

Product Description

Source: Carver Golf

After testing various value golf balls through the years, it is exciting to find a new offering in the market that introduces something new to the golf game. It is not only a comparatively new brand but also an option that allow golfers to purchase its 3-piece, urethans-masked balls via a monthly subscription or as a one-off online purchase.

The relatively new and creative option is perfect for beginner or mid-handicap golfers, as it offers them an opportunity to go high-level without necessarily spending premiums.

Upon testing, the ball’s performance was impressive. Of-the-tee distance was great, and it delivered solid greenside spin control even in fast and firm summer conditions. The ball was so responsive and offered an amazing spin rate with our mid-range golf irons as well.

Source: Carver Golf


  • Exceptional green spin

  • Softer feel, resembles aluminium-like balls

  • Excellent value for money


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