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There is no way out: golf is a multifaceted sport. That's surely true when it comes to purchasing decision. Numerous variables come into play. Myriads of club styles and types. A plethora of technical jargon. Indeed, golf gear shopping can be extremely daunting for beginner and seasoned golfers! Fortunately, at Golfers Grid, help comes in spades.

Selecting a Golf Club

Golf clubs take a lot of thought to buy. You won't get the most out of your clubs if you use clubs that don't fit your swing, and even worse, you risk establishing bad golfing habits in an effort to adjust your swings. Here are the top five suggestions for selecting golf clubs and the ideal golf club set.

Best Beginner Balls

If you are new to the game of golf, you are certainly searching for a golf ball that not only performs admirably but is also reasonably priced. 

Below is a guide on the best golf ball for novice golfers, taking into account that each beginner golfer's needs are different.

PING G425 SFT Driver Review

The SFT head from the G425 family is the ideal choice for ball slicers. 

Due to the constant weight that is placed closer to the club's heel and promotes optimal correction, SFT (Straight Flight Technology) will, as its name implies, ensure that you consistently deliver straight ball flight.

We’ve put together handy buying guides for all golf gears to help you navigate past the often- intricate process in an insidious fashion. The sections below are general guidelines for choosing the most appropriate gear to match your skills and game. Kindly remember, according to Golf Rules, a single golfer can only carry a maximum of fourteen golf clubs in any given round.


Peruse ratings and reviews for gears and courses from all top brands and the biggest names in the game. Find the ideal golf gear,  club, apparel, and lush courses effortlessly with the assistance of experts at Golfers Grid. Furthermore, we profile the most elite clubs in each category separately and share advice on how to get the most from your gears. Some brands we profile include Fairway, Callaway, TaylorMade, Rolex, and much more.

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

For high handicappers who frequently struggle with slices, Callaway uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), jailbreak, and a new face material that has unlocked improved performance.

The heat-treated, incredibly strong TA-15 titanium used to create the extended A.I. Designed Flash Face SS21 allows for the intricate face architecture required to provide the best possible forgiveness, speed, and spin characteristics.

Titleist TSi1 Driver Review

Similar to the TS1 driver from the previous generation, the Titleist TSi1 is a lightweight option made for golfers with average swing speeds (approximately 90 mph) who prefer more ball and club speed with control off the tee.

For seniors, beginners, and players with somewhat slow swing rates, the driver is ideal.

Which is the perfect golf club for your handicap? Check out our comprehensive reviews to find out. You will certainly identify one that suits your game and immediately start working on your swing speed with Golfers Grid.  

What do poker and golf have in common?

The compatibility between golf and poker strategies lies in their shared emphasis on strategic decision-making under pressure. In golf, players must carefully assess course conditions, select appropriate clubs, and execute shots with precision, much like poker players evaluate their hands, anticipate opponents' moves, and make calculated betting decisions. Both games require a blend of skill, patience, and mental acuity, as players navigate varying circumstances to achieve their objectives. Moreover, in both golf and poker, success often hinges on maintaining focus, adapting strategies to changing situations, and managing risk effectively. Whether on the green or at the poker table, the ability to strategize strategically and stay composed amid challenges is essential for achieving favorable outcomes.Golfers Grid, help comes in spades.

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Golfers Grid is a multi-platform golf media brand aimed at helping golfers get the most out of the sport they love. Our team of enthusiastic experts and golfers generate the most in-depth reviews of the newly launched golf gears to ensure you buy better, advice and ideas to enhance your game, tips on the courses to play and stay, and general coverage of the game across all levels, from Tour down to grassroots.

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