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Golfer Grid's team of enthusiastic experts and golfers generate the most in-depth reviews of the newly launched golf gears to ensure you buy better, advice and ideas to enhance your game, tips on the courses to play and stay, and general coverage of the game across all levels, from Tour down to grassroots.

Golfers Grid, also referred to as GG, is a multi-platform golf media company that offers free access to golf information online, on social media, and through our digital magazine. Golfers Grid is a marquee product from Elance Consortium.  The publishing house also serves as a contract publisher for several outside clients.  Compared to other golf media brands, Golfers Grid can provide more touch points with golfers in the US and the UK.


More than 10,000 golfers in the US and the UK receive the Golfers Grid newsletter every morning, which features the best articles from our talented staff on topics ranging from the professional ranks to amateur golf, equipment, and courses. 


Golfers Grid is freely accessible at all golf clubhouses in the US and the UK as it is the most widely distributed golf title.

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Golfers Grid ( is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program and Google Adsense, a platform for the website to earn advertising fee through linking and advertising Amazon. The website also participates in other affiliate programs and receives compensation for creating business through referrals.

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